This page provides all photometry data as well as physical properties derived from SED fitting (star-formation rates, stellar masses, rest-frame magnitudes) available from SPLASH.

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Catalog description: Laigle et al. (2016)
Catalog download: Catalog (v1.1) and Read-me
Reference for publication: Laigle et al. (2016)

The SPLASH data is included in the COSMOS2015 catalog published in Laigle et al. (2016). The catalog contains Y-band imaging from the Hyper Suprime-Cam as well as IRAC coverage from SPLASH/Spitzer in addition to all the already existing optical bands and new YJHKs images from the UltraVISTA-DR2 survey. The COSMOS2015 catalog contains precise PSF-matched photometry, photometric redshifts and stellar masses for more than half a million of sources (excluding masked area) on the COSMOS field.

To maximize catalog completeness for bluer objects and at higher redshifts, objects have been detected on an ultra-deep χ2 sum of the YJHKs and z++ images by running SExtractor in dual mode (Bertin & Arnouts 1996). The catalog contains about 6 x 105 objects in the 1.5 deg2 UltraVISTA-DR2 area and about 1.5 × 105 in the ''ultra-deep stripes'' (0.62 deg2) at Ks ≤ 24.7 (3σ,3''). The deepest regions reach a 90% completeness limit of 1010 Msun to z = 4.

More information on the COSMOS2015 catalog can be found at the official COSMOS webpage.

Survey layout of the COSMOS field.

Available filters and limits on the COSMOS field.


Catalog description: Mehta et al. (2018)
Catalog download: Catalog (v1.5) and Read-me
Reference for publication: Mehta et al. (2018)

The catalog contains the optical data from the Hyper Suprime-Cam UltraDeep layer in grizY and the IRAC coverage from SPLASH/Spitzer together with multi-wavelength photometry, photometric redshifts, and stellar masses for about 800,000 objects detected over 4.3 deg2, with about 530,000 objects in the Hyper Suprime-Cam coverage of 2.4 deg2. The source detection is performed using a multi-band detection image. The photometry is measured on PSF-homogenized images to have a uniform typical seeing of 0.7'' in in the optical and near-infrared bands.

Additional coverage on the SXDF at various wavelengths from the Subaru Suprime-Cam (Furusawa et al. 2008), UDS, VIDEO, MUSUBI and CFHTLS surveys is also included as well as ancillary radio and X-ray catalogs on the SXDF that are available in the literature.

Photometric redshifts are available for all objects in the catalog computed using LePhare. These photo-z's have been calibrated using spectroscopic data available from the variety of surveys and archival data in the literature.

The catalog is available in a compressed FITS binary table format. The various columns in the catalog are described in the accompanying README.

Survey layout of the SXDS field.

Available filters and limits on the SXDS field.